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About IDEA

With Dr. Renetta Garrison Tull, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, serving as the Founding Executive Director and support from the Office of Research, IDEA the Institute for Diversity, Equity and Advancement (IDEA) supports collaborations and projects that involve UC Davis’ existing and new recruitment, retention, and advancement programs and interventions that connect to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment to these efforts is three-fold:

  1. IDEA centralizes partnerships and projects that involve DEI recruitment, retention, and advancement programs that reduce barriers to and expand access to excellence in educational achievement.  We aim to empower action and strategic planning for long-term success and efficacy of groups doing this important work to shape the future of education and opportunity at UC Davis and throughout higher education.
  2. IDEA conducts research to assess the impact of DEI interventions and programs, establishing metrics, collecting and analyzing evidence, disseminating findings, and facilitating the scale-up of effective practices.  
  3. IDEA promotes advancement of all students, faculty, and staff by providing tangible opportunities to thrive, succeed, and achieve their full potential. 

Advancement for All: Research. Action. Change.

We aspire to be  a leading collaborative hub of innovative DEI programs and research that result in action to reduce barriers, expand access, and facilitate educational success of all students, faculty, and staff at UC Davis and beyond.