Information Meeting for Professors Interested in Teaching Courses for Redwood SEED Program

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Currently, only 3% of adults with intellectual disabilities make a living wage. Most live in poverty, socially isolated...a huge loss for society and for these marginalized people.

The brand new UC Davis Redwood SEED (Supported Education to Elevate Diversity) Scholars Program aims to change the trajectory of these students' lives with access to specialized coursework, opportunities to audit courses on campus, participation in social clubs and events on campus and internship and employment opportunities. 

We are looking for interested professors to join us in creating a series of courses that would fall under the First-Year Seminar course list. These would be one unit, pass/no pass courses that would be for BOTH typical UC Davis students and the UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars.

We envision a series of courses called An Inside Look.

We would partner with outside partners in business and industry and non-profits to create an "Inside Look" at that particular industry. We then would work with that partner to develop paid internship opportunities for some of our SEED Scholars and some of our typical students together.

We will offer an extra stipend to professors willing to teach these courses...and extra professional development as well.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please come to an Informational Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 from 4:00-5:00pm at this link:

If you are unable to attend this meeting, you can reach out to Beth Foraker, the Co-Director of the Redwood SEED Scholars Program. Her email is

You can read more about the program here: