The Community Integration of Intellectual Disability: UC Davis Brings Post-Secondary Education to California

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Shields Library Instruction Room (second floor), UC Davis

This talk represents a collaboration of the UC Davis Library and the Redwood SEED Scholars Program on the topic of intellectual disability in the context of social justice. Matthew Conner, Student Services Librarian, will summarize research from his recently published book on the state of education for those with intellectual disabilities. Topics include the lack of educational options after high school, innovative means to address this gap, including the recent movement of Post-Secondary Education, as well as new findings by the library’s DataLab on how this movement lags significantly on the West Coast compared to the rest of the country. Elizabeth Foraker, Co-Director, Redwood SEED Scholars Program, will present on her program, which is the first of its kind in the UC system and one of the very few in the entire state.  She will discuss the program’s founding, the design of its curriculum, and plans for the future at UC Davis and the system as a whole.

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